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1). If you delete the Norse Invasion Data from your iCloud storage all of your purchases will be lost. Apple controls iCloud and if you the user delete your iCloud server information this will indeed delete your Norse Invasion Account.

The public information such as account name will remain. If you start again that name will no longer be available to you or anyone thus you’ll have to pick a new name.

2). 1 real time minute equals 1 in-game Gem.

3). Taxes are collected in the Chief Hall for a period of 24 hours after last collection time.

4). Norse Invasion requires an active iCloud Account. Parental settings can restrict access to the game for children.

5). We do not recommend using multiple devices at the same time. It is okay to switch to another device tied to your iCloud account in doing so please exit Norse Invasion on the old device.
For example: If you use your iPhone then switch to the iPad please close the iPhone version. This will prevent two devices from talking to your iCloud account at the same time producing unpredictable results.

6). Currently requires an iOS device to play.

7). Norse Invasion requires iCloud.

8). Norse Invasion is Free to Play. Purchases are optional and at the users discretion.